Mixed Hedging ¦ Native Hedge Mixes

On this page please find our ‘pre-set’ Mixed Hedging, Native Hedging and Farm Hedge Mixes. We are always happy to make up hedgerow mixes to suit your own particular requirements. We recommend planting in a staggered double row at 5 plants per metre.

Mixed hedges are the best way to create a natural, seasonally colourful boundary that will blend with the surrounding countryside. In conservation terms mixed hedgerows play a vitally important role as wildlife ‘highways’, nesting cover, and as a diverse source of food for many animals. They can support up to 80% of our native woodland bird population, 50% of our mammals, 30% of our butterflies and many species of insect. The grassy verge at the base of the hedge can also be home to reptiles and ground nesting birds.

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